4 Important Aspects of Material Handling

Showroom Floor of Stone Slab Warehouse

Importance of Material Handling Equipment

If you run a large or high volume fabrication shop, you probably realize the importance of your material handling equipment. Still, it can be easy to take for granted the benefits that come with good quality and well-maintained equipment for handling materials in your fabrication shop. So, we thought we would take a minute to share some of the reasons that material handling equipment is important to stone fabrication professionals.

Safety Is Important

As you are no doubt aware, the safety of your team is a priority when you are running fabrication shop. A safe work environment is one key happy employees.

Safe material handling equipment plays a big role in running a safe shop. How so? One way is by reducing the amount of physical strength needed to manipulate material. Furthermore, some tasks are virtually impossible to accomplish with only manual labor. For example lifting a full slab 10 feet in the air. Sure, it can be done without specialized equipment, but is it practical for an efficiently run shop? Whereas a vacuum lifter makes this task a proverbial “piece of cake”.

Another example of how material handling equipment contributes to a safe work environment is seen in how a stone is transported. Like the previous example, transporting slabs from one location to another carries with it the potential for a number of injuries.

So, for the reasons mentioned above, safety is a key aspect of why material handling is so important to stone fabricators.


Working Efficiently

In addition to working safely, it is imperative that stone fabrication pros pay attention to efficiency. “Time is money”, as the old saying goes. And when you are working on projects that carry a price tag of multiple thousands of dollars, it makes the efficiency of the work even more profitable.

What this means is: each bit of efficiency that can be attained to increases the profit that much more. For example, each minute that can be gained in the simple process of safely moving material form one side of the shop to the other can yield many percentage points in profit. The same can be said for getting materials from one workstation to another.

Having good quality material handling equipment that is easily used and maintained contributes to the bottom line of the shop. So, don’t overlook the importance of efficient equipment when it comes to material handling.

Cost Effectiveness Is Important

It doesn’t do much good to keep one eye on the profitability of your shop if you offset the profit with expenses. For this reason, finding cost effective equipment is also an important facet of your choice when it comes to material handling. With that in mind let’s define what is meant by cost effective.

There are various ways to define “cost effective”. For example, buying higher quality material handling equipment that lasts much longer than other equipment in the same class can be considered cost effective as long as it is not so much more expensive that it nullifies the value realized by the length of life.

Similarly, an inferior quality product needs to be priced at a certain level below comparable products in order to be considered cost effective. For instance, saving $100.00 on an A Frame cart might seem like a good deal, but if you have to by 2 of them to get the same amount of functionality and use, then it is not really cost effective. So whether you get great products through deals like the current special offer on our site, or a clearance page, the goal is; get the best quality for the lowest price.

Protecting Products

Finally, material handling equipment is important because it protects your product as a fabrication professional. While not all material handling equipment does this, some of the best equipment does. By offering pads and rubber in key locations on the item, you protect the stone from getting scratched, chipped, or nicked.

Additionally, by choosing equipment with high quality wheels, handles and hardware, tipping and crashes with transport equipment are avoided. Thus, good material handling equipment also protects products. This is another factor that contributes to the importance of material handling equipment.

So in conclusion, there is much to consider when contemplating the importance of material handling equipment in your fabrication shop. We have briefly considered four of them; safety, efficiency, cost effectiveness, and product protection. Keeping these four aspect in mind will help guide you in selecting which material handling products are right for your projects.


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